Happy Maddenoliday

I must say… this is one of my favourite days of the year, the release of Madden for our system of choice. Some of y’all are wondering, it’s just a video game… but NO, Madden is not just a video game, Madden has past cult status long ago and is borderline religion. Don’t sit there and think… “is this dude serious???” cuz yes, I AM FUCKIN’ SERIOUS!!! I have been a hardcore Madden gamer since 1991 and still going strong!!! Millions of people unite in lines, at tournaments (in person or online) and such, all because of John Madden, one of the greatest and most influential player/coach/commentator (especially the latter two) of our time. The good people at EA Sports came up with the idea of a football video game and collaborated with John Madden to make a game of huge proportions. Anyhow, the drinks are flowing, alcohol is settling… time for me to go play… maybe I might edit this post to get to what I wanted to, but fuck it!!! Enjoy your Maddenoliday gamers… and for those who don’t like Madden… all yuh can HAUL YUH MUDDA CUNT AND RIDE OUT on a BMX down the side of the Scarborough Bluffs!!!


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