Where my dogs at???

I for one, am very happy for Michael Vick. I’m glad he has a team to call home and that is willing to support him. This drum has been beat over plenty of times, but I will say it again… he has paid his debt to society, let’s move on… give the man a second chance. I don’t know what the hell is with these animal activists (PETA), trying to stop the man from earning a living, y’all have done enough damage already. I understand that they are trying to bring awareness to the world, but they make it seem like it’s a head-hunting mission to stop people from killing animals. They’re the male-equivalent of “Captain Save-a-Hoe”, putting animals needs before the needs of man. I’m starting to lose my marbles as these morons really grind my gears.

Now with all the sentimentality out of the way, a word to the wise for Vick and his fans. Don’t you think for a second that having Vick on your team pushes you over the SuperBowl hump… they still ain’t winning shit and on the football field, Michael Vick is just another birds’ wings to clip down… Dallas is coming for that ass this year mang… straight up!!! Y’all can relive your 44-6 drubbing last year in the season finale, which is fine and dandy, but if you wanna do throwbacks, let’s look at the last time Philly conjured up a SB win… *birds chirping*… that’s right… y’all more virgin than olive oil and if y’all think you winning this year… the only ring Donovan F. McNabb is rocking, is the one from his wedding day. Eagles fans can ride out on a rusted BMX bike down Niagara Falls with no seat attached!!!


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