I find a lot of people complain too much… previously, it was for good reason. The weather was worse than Angela Bassett on her period in waiting to exhale. It was cool, it was raining, this is summer, people had a right to be vex. However, the past week has seen great improvement, but people are carrying on like a miserable housewife… “oh gosh, it mek hot” or… “I can’t survive in the shyte”… how about this… “SHUT THE F**K UP!!!” You wanted heat, you got it, deal with it!!! I know the saying “You can’t please everybody”, but cot damn!!! Some people need to know when to quit man. Pretty soon, winter is coming around the corner, and you’re gonna wish you had the heatwave to deal with!!!


4 thoughts on “STFU!!!

  1. You beat me to it!
    I was going to blog about this one today.
    I co-sign this completely

  2. Tanice says:

    It’s interesting. I haven’t complained. I just sat here silently taking extra showers and slapping on that powder…

  3. Torsheee aka Pebbles says:

    Real talk…if you cant stand the heat, ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ _______

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