The biggest hoax ever…

I would like to start off my post today by apolgizing… scratch that, literally… If I’m that busy… I’M BUSY… deal with it!!! This weekend was a definite WIN, more on that later!!!

This post has to do with an interesting convo that arose from a BBQ this past Sunday. Martin asked Lesmond if he wanted bbq corn??? Lesmond replied “Corn is the biggest hoax ever!!!” I thought to myself afterwards and I’m like… “you know what??? This mudda cunt is right!!!” You spend all that time eating corn only to get these “itty bitty” kernels, which 25% of them are stuck in your teeth and the rest of it gets shitted out four hours later as corn particles can’t be broken down. What the hell do we get out of eating corn but empty calories??? The savoury taste of butter??? If that’s the case, forget the grill & ting and just stick a slice of bread in a toaster and done!!!

I’m sure a lot of you love your corn on the cob, but after the moment of clarity I experienced this past Sunday, I will no longer be falling for the okee-doke!!!


One thought on “The biggest hoax ever…

  1. Torsheee aka Pebbles says:

    Yup. Had this argument with the BF already…corn = empty calories

    But…I dont business! The Rasta with the ROASTED CORN STAND AT HARBOURFRONT will still see me at least once a year.

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