It’s about that time…

Coming up on this time of year again… I love September for many reasons… my birthday is on the first (cough, cough), back to school… you know, seeing old friends you haven’t seen in a while and tryin’ to style on ’em and sheeeit, new sitcoms on the tv stations (can’t wait for the Cleveland show), college football (NCAA, not CIS), and of course… the return of NFL Football.

Chilling with friends like mine, you tend to see where ignorance is harboured, LOL… but the level of ignorance increases tenfold when it comes to football talks. Over the past few weeks, people would think we’d come to a streetbrawl the way we would argue over football. What can I say??? Football is like a religion round deez parts and it is very diverse, much like the city I live in, Toronto. Just because the Buffalo Bills are the closest team, it doesn’t mean it’s the favourite, personally I say FUCK ‘EM!!! If they moved to Toronto like they put the Raptors franchise in the city, I couldn’t give a fuck same way. I’m still a Dallas Cowboy fan for life!!! As long as Jerry doesn’t turn into Al Davis!!! (stay sane Jerry).

Last night while at a bbq, some muddameow asked me how I thought my team would do… so I responded with 11 – 5, and I had some blasted Eagles fan trying to jump down my throat because they disagreed. As for an Eagles fan… all of them can suck salt in the Sahara. We got so riled up, people thought we were gonna fight at the bbq. For those of you who were there, y’all already know how we get down… SPORTS BAR & GRILL @ Yonge & St. Clair. Ignorance can be smelled over some well cooked wings!!!

To make a long story short, NFL soon reach, you can feel it in the air, and it’s about that time… don’t leave your house with your gun on safety!!!


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