Take a number…

I have noticed over the past few months, that I am a very busy person. I have noticed I get a lot of complaints about it. I try to accomodate some… k, that’s a lie, LOL. I like to go with the flow, and the flow brings me to your neck of the woods, so be it. It is, what it is… yesterday, I was chilling with my homegirl (luv ya JS)… what was supposed to be a five minute stay, turned into over four hours. FTR, it was a good lime, pure jokes and we haven’t talked in a hot minute… at least in person, I see how we’re alike though, LOL.

I realize that when I visit or make time for peeps, it isn’t of the five minute variety. I’m not tooting my own horn, I know I’m popular… that’s just how it is. You gotta take in effect that I work full-time, I techinically go to school… full-time as well, not to mention that football season is starting up, I need time to study… I can only please one person (maybe two) a day, yesterday wasn’t good, today isn’t and tomorrow don’t look it either. If you wanna see me, you need to take a number and make an appointment, STRAIGHT!!!


2 thoughts on “Take a number…

  1. MS.J says:

    Thanks babay for the shout out!
    Btw, for the record…Ms.J doesn’t take a number. I get special treatment. Good luck being in Ty’s long a** line.
    Love ya’

  2. Miss Jones says:

    YOW, me nuh tek numba needa… so guess wha Noel… Try yu bess.

    Love you always!

    Miss Jones

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