One bag ah f***ery…

Right now, I sit here typing to y’all while listening to Phil Collins, “One More Night”… I wanted to discuss my work day… I go to work, I do my usual workplace shenanigans an ting… lunch is coming up at 2pm… I like taking my lunch late, it makes the day feel a lot shorter yuh know??? Beforehand, I was going over my bank accounts online to make bill payments. I leave out for lunch, and I’m deciding for the past twenty minutes, where to go for lunch? what to eat? I finally decided to go to Quizno’s. Ordered me a nice BBQ Smokehouse Chicken Sub, Broccoli & Cheese Soup and a bottle of ‘zona… when came time for the payment… I don’t see any cards. Mafukkas know me as a dude that don’t like to walk with cash, which meant I was up shit creek without a paddle. Since I leave my credit card at home to curb off temptation, I had to put the combo on “layaway” if you will. I knew I wasn’t going back for it, but the cashier remained quite hopeful (sorry chap). I had to go back to work and eat some dry ass pizza that ran my belly faster than Usain Bolt in the 100m Finals.

Needless to say, I was quite vex. It’s never funny to the victim, but I thought y’all would get a good laugh out of this… FML, iLOSE!!!


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