Dear Summer… WTF???

Dear Summer,

What the fuck is this shit??? You show up fashionably late for no apparent reason but to piss us off. Then you leave us with weather that’s usually exposed to us in October. Last time I checked… el nino passed long time holmes… you better sort your shit out and get back on the job!!! I have four BBQ’s to attend this weekend, that’s right BITCH… FOUR!!! I want some nice ass weather so that I can watch half-nekked women while grippin a chicken titty with one hand and a Guinness in the next without shivering or getting soaked… is that too much to ask for??? If it is, let me know… I can move. Chances are though, if I move, you’re still gonna try and bareback me anyhow and judging on my feelings right now, I’m not gonna like it anymore later. I’ve tried the nice approach and it didn’t work, and we can’t fire you cuz the HR department is not having it sooooo can you shed some (sun)light on the situation???

Thank you,

A disgruntled BBQ and scantily-clad women afficionado


3 thoughts on “Dear Summer… WTF???

  1. LOL LOL

  2. Miss Jones says:

    LMAO – This is why I love you so Noel.

  3. Camille says:

    U are crazy LOL dont kill me. But word. I feels that same way. Mother nature needs a CLAP!!I dont care who’s mother she is…She aint raising shit right!

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