Love y’all

As much as I’m hyped up to get ready to go to Diamonds tonight… I need to take some time to write this. I don’t usually do anything for my birthday except dip for New York, as per every Labor Day Weekend (well, the majority). This year, I decided to switch it up and do a Birthday Dinner. I knew I was going to get a big turnout (not being arrogant by any means, believe me). Anyhow, the turnout was better than I anticipated and it was great seeing some of my friends, even Rhonda who decided to eat her cheesecake outside in sub-zero temps (at least it felt like that… LOL… you’re good… believe me!!!)

I must say, this was one of the wildest weekends… definitely a rollercoaster weekend, from BBQ-hopping to Alana’s nose getting smashed =(, to the crazy fete, CHUNE to me and Lesmond almost having to fight manz in the parking lot… it was wild!!!

I had to say I’m happy and grateful for good friends (yeah, seriously), love y’all. The food was great, and everybody had stuff to do but what killed at the end was my friend Melissa who sang happy birthday… I thought she was bluffing when she said was going to sing… really caught me off-guard and I almost had a Carl Thomas (emo) moment. I think what stopped it was the fact I hate chocolate, and they got me a chocolate cake.

I can’t really single out anyone, but I’m glad you all came out, even those who couldn’t make it. Not a problem, all the seats were gone by 8:26pm… LAG AN GET LEFF!!! Just wanted to say thanks for a memorable birthday, I LOVE Y’ALL, and I’m not writing anything like this ever again… OFF TO THE STRIP CLUB!!! DEUCES!!!


2 thoughts on “Love y’all

  1. Miss Jones says:

    Happy Birthday Noel!!

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