If I…

As a few of you readers already know, I just returned from Brooklyn last night. I went back home to Brooklyn for a few days and I brought my cousin and a friend along for the ride. I love BK, there’s no doubt about that and there’s things that go down that can’t happen anywhere else. But as usual, Cyrus would bring stuff to my attention that would make me think, and I wondered…

“What if I never came to Toronto and grew up in Brooklyn???”

If I was going to base my life on what I experienced/seen over the weekend, there’s a great chance I would’ve ended up being a hot mess. But when I left Brooklyn at the age of five, I was different… I don’t think I would be as ignorant as most would seem but you never know. There’s a lot of different factors that alters the life of an individual and environment plays a big role. The bad grammar, the hairstyle, the level of ignorance and aggressiveness would be multipled more than tenfold. At least that is what one would believe.

On the flipside, I could’ve turned out pretty good, as contrary to popular belief, not every experience one has in Brooklyn is a negative one. There’s a lot of good people that came out of this borough. Its just unfortunate that we only tend to focus on the negative.

It’s hard to view how one would turn out as one would never know, would I trade anything to replay this scenario??? Not at all, but one could think what would happen if it did.


One thought on “If I…

  1. Purps. says:

    maybe you would’ve grown up with a jerry curl .. I’m just saying..

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