Football, how I miss thee…

Yes, I know it has been a long time between posts, but I have finally found time to sit and conjure up my thoughts… somewhat.

I had a nasty cold upon my return from Brooklyn and I was pretty miserable. There was only one thing that ease my soul… FOOTBALL!!!

Went to the barber early on Saturday so I can come back home to watch college football in my sick bed. It was very entertaining to watch two games where the losing team didn’t get blown out like Napalm. I really think Michigan is back, I could be a bit delusional… don’t judge me. As for Ohio State, I knew they were going to lose, I just didn’t expect them to keep it close so late. USC just seemed unstoppable on that final drive though.

Sunday was a great day for football, non-stop action, my Cowboys won… all is right with the world except for me losing my ticket and the ****** Cardinals.

Monday night turned out to be quite a trip, went down to Sports Bar & Grill to watch the game with Miss J, Tek & Bonez. For those who don’t know, that bar is out of control on a Monday night and if you’re a sensitive person, stay the f**k home!!!

There’s something about football that gives an adrenaline rush and it came just in time, considering I don’t really watch much TV during the summer. I will be making posts in regards to word around the league and such, stay tuned…


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