Hawaiian Punch

During my recent trip back to Brooklyn, Pilzz, Cyrus and I made a trip to Kennedy Fried Chicken to buy some real chicken. During this stop, Pilzz decided to pick up some Hawaiian Punch. While picking up this beverage, I had a flashback as to why I stopped drinking this thing, then it hit me… it has to be laced with something like Cocaine or Vicodin or whatever the hell it was, but it was damn addictive. Needless to say, I brought back a few gallons with me across the border (Yes, I did say gallons).



I drank that thing with incredible regularity, moreso than water to the point everything coming out was blue (while drinking the tropical flavour). Anyhow, my supply is low and I’m making a next trip sooner than you think… I have my Tops Discount Card, and I’mma buy me some more in Buffalo!!!


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