How convenient…

After nice getaway to Brooklyn, I returned to Toronto a week ago. The next day, had it all planned out… I was going to head to work early, go through a long day (systems were down for like a week and shit… wanted to try and cheer people up). Anyhow, I woke up, listened to Worldwide with Chief & Jester spinning, talking on twitter, making pancakes and stuff. Decided to head out to work and right before I hit ‘staff… some mudda cunt from 31 Division decides to pull me over because of the damage on the front bumper. Dialogue below:

Buller: Where’s your license plate?
Myself: In the back seat, don’t you see the sticker that shows “Accident reported to Police”
Buller: Yeah, well I see it now… license, registration and insurance please…

Peep The Rearview

Peep The Rearview

End result, I got three tickets, all for fuckery, all of which, will be fought, and all of which… made me late for work.


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