You Down Wit O.P.P.???

No, not me… NOT FUH SHYTE!!!

If you thought I was referring to the song by the trio from Jersey known as Naughty By Nature, you’re off… WAY OFF!!!

I was making a reference to the other OPP, the Ontario Provincial Police. Dem dudes been on a roll mang!!! Ticketing and tagging any and everything in sight. I’m glad I haven’t felt their wrath, I already have my hands full with Peel and 31 Division!!!

The only thing I can say is they’re looking out for speeders so you should be good if you stay under 120 km/h. I remember driving to Windsor when I used to go to school down there, I can honestly feel thankful that I was not one of the “Debbie Downers” that had to drive back to Chatham on a snowy morning to fight a speeding ticket.

Anyhow, drive safe y’all and don’t speed too much.

P.S. Did I mention their emergency flashers are annoying??? FACK MAN!!!


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