Week 2 Spotchecks

After a wild opening weekend, Week 2 should be nothing short of excitement. I will keep it brief, and keep it interesting. Without any further adieu…

Rams (0 – 1) v. Redskins (0 – 1), Sunday @ 1pm
The Redskins made the game look close against the Giants, although that was not the case. I do believe that they will show up… somewhat. The Rams on the other hand, need to score some points, and that will not come easy against the Redskin defence.

Redskins 24, Rams 10

Bengals (0 – 1) v. Packers (1 – 0), Sunday @ 1pm
Cincy heading to Lambeau… I see the defense tipping a pass to lose this game… in the first quarter.

Packers 31, Bengals 13

Browns (0 – 1) v. Broncos (1 – 0), Sunday @ 4:15pm
Cleveland finally scored an offensive TD in the waning minutes against Minnesota… I don’t see the Mighty Brady Quinn doing much better this week. The Broncos should be able to squeak by.

Browns 13, Broncos 17

Texans (0 – 1) v. Titans (1 – 0), Sunday @ 1pm
If the Texans that lost to the Jets are the Texans that show up, just throw it in the bag!!! Tennessee should not have lost in Pittsburgh and have had extra rest to get them raring to go. I feel both teams will show up, but the Titans will have the last laugh.

Texans 17, Titans 24

Raiders (0 – 1) v. Chiefs (1 – 0), Sunday @ 1pm
The Raiders showed cojones against the Chargers until of course, the fourth quarter where they folded up like a freshly made roti. The Chiefs let the Ravens… rack up 501 yards on offense… THE RAVENS… a team never known for offense.

Raiders 31, Chiefs 24

Cardinals (0 – 1) v. Jaguars (0 – 1), Sunday @ 1pm
I don’t know how they managed to lay an egg against the 49ers, but Arizona better show up this Sunday. I have no doubt the offense will show up. The Jaguars… ummm, yeah.

Cardinals 35, Jaguars 17

Seahawks (1 – 0) v. 49ers (1 – 0), Sunday @ 4:05pm
Both teams impressed, moreso the 49ers as they beat the defending NFC Champions, if that counts for anything nowadays. Last year’s Seahawks I believe deserve a mulligan as they looked more like the 4077 unit from M.A.S.H. with all those injuries.

Seahawks 27, 49ers 21

Vikings (1 – 0) v. Lions (0 – 1), Sunday @ 1pm
Did you see what AP did to the Browns last week. Favremania goes to 2 & 0

Vikings 35, Lions 10

Buccaneers (0 – 1) v. Bills (0 – 1), Sunday @ 4:05pm
The Bucs played alright last week and the wheels on the Cadillac looked pretty good. The Bills are the “Charlie Brown” of the NFL, they always find new ways to lose. Leodis McKelvin should be thankful he doesn’t live in Columbia.

Bucs 20, Bills 24

Steelers (1 – 0) v. Bears (0 – 1), Sunday @ 4:15pm
The Steelers escaped with victory by the hairs on their chinny chin chin, but Polamalu did not escape without injury. The Bears however, lost Urlacher for the season… OUCH!!!

Steelers 20, Bears 13

Ravens (1 – 0) v. Chargers (1 – 0), Sunday @ 4:15pm
I like the Ravens in this one… I really like the Ravens… Joe Flacco looked pretty solid, albeit it was against the Chiefs. However, the Chargers have some O-Line concerns and now that LT is scratched from the lineup… I’d like to see how Phillip Rivers pulls this one out of his ass.

Ravens 27, Chargers 24

Panthers (0 – 1) v. Falcons (1 – 0), Sunday @ 1pm
The Panthers will show up today, it won’t be enough. The Falcons defense will show up again, and that trumps whatever self-motivation Jake Delhomme can give himself.

Panthers 17, Falcons 35

Colts (1 – 0) v. Dolphins (0 – 1), Monday @ 8:30pm
Peyton is not losing on Monday, PERIOD. Note to fantasy owners, Gonzalez is out!!!

Colts 28, Dolphins 13

Patriots (1 – 0) v. Jets (1 – 0), Sunday @ 1pm
I will most definitely be watching this game. Rex Ryan talks a good game but Bill Belichick coaches a good game (depending on who you ask and if the camera’s rolling). The Patriots winning eight straight at the Meadowlands will come to an end, just not today.

Patriots 27, Jets 24

Saints (1 – 0) v. Eagles (1 – 0), Sunday @ 1pm
The Saints never had much success in Philadelphia and have much to prove. Drew Brees put up sexy numbers… against the Lions. Philly’s defense is not as good as they looked against the Panthers but they will be harrassing Brees all day. I don’t think #5 is playing, and that is a big reason why this game will be very close.

Saints 31, Eagles 27

Giants (1 – 0) v. Cowboys (1 – 0), Sunday @ 8:20pm
A very big game for both teams in the NFC Beast. The Giants come in with key injuries to their secondary and Chris Canty. Romo’s ankle is cause for concern, but if the O-Line holds up, I see Dallas having a field day on that secondary. The main factor for the Dalls D is the run defense. If they hold Yapmouth Jacobs to under 80 yards, a victory will be in the cards.

Key stat… Dallas Defense, eight sacks in previous victory over the Giants.

Giants 17, Cowboys 27


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