I can’t believe this shit…

I have been up since around 3:30 this morning as I cannot sleep. Let us put aside the fact that I have no sleeping pattern and I sleep randomly throughout the day. I actually fell asleep around 9:30, the night before, I was fuming mad and for good reason. My team gave a way a victory. I view it the same I would tell a client, “We’re a corporation, not a charity!!!” Well on Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys played the role of the charity, let’s just call them the Salvation Army because that’s exactly what it felt like.

I just can’t fathom how a team can lose after running at will for over 250 yards in a game. That’s almost unheard of. Then again, it’s not like Dallas played a perfect game as we all know, Tony Romo showed up to give three gifts to the Giants, one of those interceptions bounced off Witten’s heel into the hands of Kenny Phillips who didn’t even know he caught the ball. The sight of that made me sick!!!

After that first “Act of God”, you can take your pick as to what happened after… the TD catch by Manningham that he bobbled but happened to land on his chest, or the pass batted by Ratliff that happened to land right in his hands… either it was an Act of God or there’s some fucking magnets in dudes gloves, either way… it’s all fucked up.

I can’t blame Tony Romo the whole time although he didn’t help, I place a lot of blame on the receivers for not getting open, and when they did, for not catching the ball. And of course, we cannot forget Team Toro, our talented corners who know how to miss a tackle when it matters most, or in some cases even… doing a horrible job of covering the receiver. Manningham and Smith looked like superstars on Sunday night and that made me even more sick!!!

After all that negativity, I guess I can look at some positives, the o-line played great, the running game was unstoppable and the run defense was superb, other than the start of the third quarter. That’s it. What should’ve been a cakewalk was ruined!!! The Giants really didn’t do too much to win, but then again, they didn’t have to until the last drive.

As far as I’m concerned, the New York Giants don’t even get a forward from me because they didn’t do fuck all. Thanks for ruining my week and putting a hole in my pocket… douches!!!


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