In the spirit of Oktoberfest…

Last Thursday, a good friend of mine asked if I was going to make a trip to Oktoberfest. Me with my foolish self started thinking… “Who the hell is going to Germany??? I would love to go, but it isn’t feasible right now.” In turn, I gave the smart answer, “where is it taking place?” He sent me a message on twitter showing one place called the “Bier Markt” (Beer Market) down on the Esplanade. Considering I was going for dinner with my sexy friend (don’t ask who ;)), I suggested the Bier Markt as a place of interest and she was all for it. Sooooooo… to the Bier Markt we went and COTTTTTT DAMNNNNNNN!!! The food was on point, the liquor was definitely on point and the place was really, really live. I would suggest this place to any and everybody, now keep in mind, I don’t know how the King West location is, but the Esplanade location is really good and there’s a lot of space. Click here to check out the Bier Markt, I’m sure y’all would not be disappointed. As me and my lady friend were not. It was so good, the cavalry came down for a Saturday night venture. Needless to say, it was good times… PICS COMING SOON!!!


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