Show some consideration…

I was doing my usual gallop along the 401 Express on my way to work this morning when some “mudda meow” decided to cut me off. Some of you think I have road rage, but I don’t… I just have a penchant for cussing when people do things that “grind my gears.”

Cutting somebody off is very dangerous, but at least signal if you’re going to cut in front so I have that split-second to anticipate your f___ery. For those of you who think it wouldn’t make a difference, couldn’t be any more wrong. Every split-second counts, especially when driving. One tenth of a second can help in terms of your stopping distance which could be a fine line between a close call and an accident. Believe me, I know!!!

The amount of frustration that can be gathered thru that one act of bitchassness is extrodinary. As I always say when racing out for work, it only takes one idiot to stall traffic!!!

So if you wanna be that one idiot, please think about this message and reconsider. Be considerate to those around you as we are all trying to make our destinations in one piece, and with a piece of mind. Not a piece of your mind on my baseball bat when I pop the trunk to swing at your bitch ass!!!


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