“To Murse or not to murse???”

Last night, I had a conversation with a sexy lady-friend (J.B.) about the use of a “murse”. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about… a “murse” is my slang term for a “man-purse”.

Personally speaking, I find the use of a “murse”/”man-purse”/”matey-bag” completely useless and I will never own one. The male species have been doing absolutely fine using their pockets and backpacks to carry anything they need.

For example, I do not need a murse to carry my wallet, I have pockets. I do not need a murse to carry keys, I have pockets. Ditto for gum, chapstick, phone, lotto tickets or whatever else. If I feel I need to carry something to hold my tings, there are backpacks and bags for that. I don’t need to go all “H&M” on people just for comfort of a leather bag. I personally would rather walk around wearing Batman’s utility belt before I would rock a murse. I’m done saying what the hell I had to say. I don’t know anybody can say or do anything to make me justify walking around with that “matey-bag”!!!


One thought on ““To Murse or not to murse???”

  1. LOL@ Batmans utility belt.
    What do you expect we live in the world of Metrosexuals. There is no turning back to the way things were

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