The Joke Is On Me…

Sooooooo… another month, another debit card compromised. I have had my cards five times over the past three months. I know, very annoying. The last three times, I had the new card with the chip inserted for extra “security”, a term I use quite loosely, especially since my card is getting tampered with like a battery dolly. My card with TD as far as I’m concerned can stay “compromised” as I don’t need to touch the money in that account. However, my ScotiaBank account is used quite frequently and what irks me is that I love racking up my Scene points (yeah, free movies for me… and WHAT???). It’s sad to say though, the way things are going, I might have to resort to high school tactics with shoe boxes, glass jars and brown paper bags as at least there’s more security in that it seems.

Made my way out to Yorkdale last night, to get this rasshole card replaced, I explain the situation to the teller who calmly states “your card again???” I’m like yeah, you guys provide as much security on these cards as a sheepskin condom, she then tells me if “I’m swiping it through a card reader, it defeats the purpose of having the chip.” WOMP WOMP… she’s right… LOL, what is the purpose of the chip, if I’m still swiping. Looks like the joke is on me.


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