A robbery gone wrong…

Whoever it was that decided to try and rob this store clerk deserved to have some shots fired after dem rass!!! I do not condone robberies/”stick-up” kids trying to loot people who try to earn a honest living. Please do not read to much into that last sentence, LOL. Anyhow, how the hell does one get disarmed so easily when carrying a shotgun??? They should be ashamed and find a new to earn some cash because this method is obviously not working out for them. On a side note, if that gun was borrowed, the owner should buss dey ass too!!! Clickhere to watch the video of the disarmament!!!

On a side note, I would like to nominate these two goons for “Kakaholes of the Week!!!” You have him outnumbered with a weapon, and you got chased out of the store without your collateral. Yeah… y’all lost big time!!!


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