So what???

This past weekend, I was watching what the New York Jets do what the Philadelphia Eagles should’ve done… run the Oakland Raiders into the ground!!! Anyhow, the game was dwindling down and Mark Sanchez was hungry. A fan gave him a hot dog and he was trying to eat it on the sideline, very discreetly. Apparently, he wasn’t discreet enough and it turned into a big fiasco like he killed a dog or something (enter Vick bash here, LOL).

I personally don’t see with the big idea is, if you’re feeling a bit malnourished and your team is up 38-0, what the hell is the problem with eating a hot dog on the sideline??? There was barely any time left in the game and if he was feeling “queazy” like he said, I reiterate… what the hell is the problem??? Are we media drones to the point that we jump on somebody for every misstep??? Let the man live him blasted life.

I for one don’t care to see a camera zoomed in on a man nyamming some street meat on the sideline, and I don’t know why anybody else should either.


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