Wait for the next one

I am going to keep this short and to the point. I am strong believer that jealousy is a female trait and to see grown-ass men fighting over females as foolishness, straight up and down. There are a lot more women in the world then men, as far as I’m concerned, they should learn how to share =) (just kidding… maybe). On a serious note though, there is no need to put your false pride out there and pump up your chest for some girl that you invested in. When stock prices plummet, people don’t go to fight the companies (well… some crazy white people could buck that thought). The fact of the matter is, when you talk to a girl, it is an investment, say what you want… “I don’t buy her sheeeeit” or what… but it still is an investment.

Getting head does not put gas in the car, money does. Buying a snack while out costs something and of course as we all know TIME IS MONEY!!! That time spent buying that girl an arch deluxe could be spent selling two dime bags or working OT at your job or whatever it is one does.

With that being said, one does get upset when their investment goes awry, but that’s no need to fight the next man. Like Dr. Dre said, “if it’s your bitch on my nutz, then it’s your bitch you check, nyuggga!!!”

I don’t want anybody for any reason to think I am setting up my rifle on de gal dem because girls are just as vigilant if not moreso.

The bottom line is there are too many girls out there, to sit there and grouse over one. My philosophy withstanding is that girls are like the 35 Jane bus, don’t bother running one down because a next one soon reach… wait for the next one.

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2 thoughts on “Wait for the next one

  1. BadJohnPurps. says:

    LOL did you just quote Dr. Dre, and compare girls to your jane bus?! ..

  2. kontrov3rs33 says:

    Yes, yes I did actually

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