Joakim Noah Not Happy w/LeBron

Last night’s game between the Bulls and the Cavaliers was not pretty at all… especially for Bulls fans. Noah was probably more frustrated with his lack of game, was not happy with LeBron stylin’ on ’em with his river dance. My belief is that if you wanna stop the other team from showboating or celebrating, step your game up and shut them down. Don’t be a sore loser!!! Noah decides to start shouting at LeBron while he’s shooting his free throws, and after LeBron shoots the first, decides to address Noah. Things didn’t get too heated, and I guess anybody would get vex but Noah needs to be about it instead of talk about it. If your game was on point and your team was winning, this wouldn’t be an issue!!!

According to Ric Bucher’s Twitter: Sources @ the bench on what Joakim said to LeBron: “This is so ****ing old” + the clincher that got LJ coming at him: “You’re a b****.”

I don’t know who Noah thinks he is, but he has some cojones, some might think he’s stupid, but you have balls of steel to call out LeBron like that!!! Especially since LeBron will probably snap him in two.

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