Why Tiger Why???

I thought I’d return from my hiatus to speak on this topic. I wanted to address this topic because it is really grinding my gears. I understand that people in the media need a stream of revenue and are more likely to jump on Tiger’s case but COT DAMN!!! Get off of Tiger’s nutsack, he doesn’t owe of y’all a f___ing thing!!! My personal wishes would involve Tiger going on stage to Lil’ Kim & 50 Cent performing “Magic Stick” and telling all the reporters to f___ off!!! For the record, that is not good PR, but that’s my personal thoughts.

The end result is Tiger cheated, he is not the first individual and he most certainly will not be the last. With that being said, move on. The only person he needs to apologize is Elin, and that is up to him. It’s funny how the media has up the viewing public like a bunch of sheep over this fiasco. There’s more important shit going on in the world, than me having to worry about who Tiger is fooping.

Now that I’m done with all the fass people… C’mon Son??? Why the lame ass press conference son??? You might as well come out with a bowtie looking like Chris Brown and sheeeeeit. The press conference shows you have a lot of cojones to sit up there and talk about stuff… which you didn’t do too much of anyhow. Just stating how you fucked up and you’re sorry. Whether you’re truly sorry or not??? I don’t know, nor do I care. You didn’t do me dirty. The next time you get an idea to speak out on something… DON’T DO IT!!!


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