Conveniently Canadian

For those who followed the hockey game last night, noticed Canada going down in defeat to the Americans, as per most of their fans being on suicide watch for the moment.

After the game, I noticed some real hypocritical behaviour. A bunch of moronic Canadian fans were very angry because me and a few others were cheering for the Americans. Stating that “we are haters, why don’t we leave” or “we’re bandwagon jumpers”. For those people, I would like to say this… “FUCK OFF”, first off… I’m American, not Canadian and if you want me to leave Canada, come force me out otherwise… SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

It’s funny how “CC” (conveniently Canadian) they turn out to be, because when soccer is on the TV, they’re not cheering for Canada. Why??? Because they SUCK!!! They don’t cheer for Canada when Track & Field events are on. Why??? Because they SUCK!!! I’m not even going to start on Basketball, LOL. Bottom line is, you cheer against Canada or not even necessarily against them, but for another country but you wanna go hard on a dude because he’s cheering for another team, which happens to be his own country??? Be true to yourselves. Joke is half of these dimwitted morons who are making comments don’t even watch hockey, they despise the country and its cold weather and make complaints left, right, and centre.

I’m done saying what I had to, whoever don’t like that can go have a warm cup of go fuck themselves and oh yeah… U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!!

P.S. Y’all still got Men’s Curling and Tim Horton’s =)


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