Spring is here… somewhat

I am fully aware the first day of Spring arrived nearly two weeks ago. However, that gives me no reason to trust this blasted weather, we are still in Canada, and it is still known to have snow in these parts. I have seen quite a few people strip down to dey jockey shorts to enjoy the weather. I would like to say “It’s not that serious yet, calm the fuck down!!!” It seems like the first sign of warm weather makes every guy feel like he’s on Jersey Shore carrying out in his wife beater, all the chicks fixing dey lacefronts, pushing stroller an ting and wearing de best pair of battyhangas they can find in their drawer. I wish a flash blizzard could come out of nowhere an mek she pooch ketch frostbite. People, there is nothing wrong with using caution with the weather because the temperature fluctuates quite wildly. As if wunna ent learn from a couple of weeks ago. I will end off with an old West Indian quote… “those who don’t hear, muss feel!!!”


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