This past Sunday, I stopped off at Food Basics to pick up a few items. I decided to go to the express checkout where some short, older black man comes up to me with a small bag of flour and an empty buggy, nods his head at me and attempts to push ahead of me. Me, being the person I am, nudged forward. As the cashier was scanning my items, dude who tried to surge forward in the line asked me to pay for the flour and he’ll give me the money. I looked behind me at the line and there was only two people behind us, so I asked the dude, “why can’t you wait in line like everybody else?” He starts muttering to himself how “I can’t help him out” and starts to make a scene. I told the fool “stop being lazy, if everybody else can line up, so can you. I’m not letting you go ahead, nor will I pay for your item.” The klaffy asks the Chinese lady behind me “if he can go in front of her?” and she said yes. (probably out of fear) This man starts to carry on about how” people of his own colour can’t help him out, but other colours can”, at this point, I’m well heated and turned around and said “is there a problem?” Stupid ass is like “don’t worry about the issue, it’s done”, so I’m like “If it’s done, SHUT UP!!!”

One thing I can’t stand is people that love to be wrong and strong, I don’t stand for that shit!!! I know if I had to turn around one more time, I was gonna clock him in his face. What was the issue that he could not wait in line like everybody else to purchase a small bag of flour. It wasn’t even a big bag where he would have trouble carrying it. It was a small bag that he was more than capable of carrying, about the size of his head. One thing I will say, is the next time he try to cross me like that, I will drop him!!!

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3 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Mwistar says:

    Dude coulda asked in a nicer way. Plus, even if you said no, he was still wrong for muttering that shit. Shouda dusted him up with the bag of white flour .. since he was clearly tryna act a lil lighter than his skin allowed.

  2. sunnydelyte21 says:

    Love it!! LOL. I would’ve reacted the same way.

    I mean he really could’ve waited.

  3. jojo says:

    im dying with laughter at my desk…

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