PIN Etiquette

For those who of you who seen my Phone Etiquette post last week, you know what it is. I would definitely have to address the masses on “PIN Etiquette” and its effects.

As you know, everybody that has a BlackBerry device, has a PIN. I hope you have a data plan as well, because having a BB with no BlackBerry Messenger/Social Networking/Browsing access is STUPID and defeats the purpose of having one in the first place. But enough of them waste people, let’s keep it moving.


    No matter how much I plead and send warnings, you always have some stupid motherfucker who insists on sending me some broadcast message. Whether it is about some stupid joke, video, warning or the typical “you will be blessed if you forward this to ten people”. Let me say this to all of you: “FUCK OFF!!!” The Earth’s axis will not shift if I do not send a message you forward me so get a FUCKING life!!! I also can’t forget the ever-popular “BlackBerry service will be interrupted message”. You think Research In Motion is going to flood their servers sending that shit to everybody, you dumb fucks??? Think about it. That would be all over the news, you stupid fucktards.

    There is an exception to the rule, if you add somebody to your list who is a promoter and they send messages to your BB, you have nobody to blame but yourself. I can’t get mad at them for making their livelihood.

    As for the others, I have a low tolerance for this type of fuckery and do not hesitate to block and delete those who feel like passing on messages like a baton in a relay race. Then when you delete them they wanna get all “Carl Thomas-like” (emotional), which will bring me to point number two.

  2. Why you mad??? Do not question why I deleted you!!!

    Let me get this straight… you violated, and you’re mad at me. Nah homie, FUCK THAT!!! I have stated I would delete any and everybody who decides to bamboozle my BlackBerry with their shit. Then you wanna feel offended because I deleted you. I swear soon I’m gonna start calling out names of people who violate.

  3. This applies to Facebook and Twitter as well… your personal business.
    Don’t get vex when people ask you personal questions when you air out your business in your display name or status. If you’re gonna put shit out there, expect to get questions. You are using a communication platform to express yourself, do communicate properly and not turn anti-social or get vex when confronted.
  4. If we don’t communicate, don’t be mad when I delete you.

    For example, I was at a BBQ a couple of months ago and a girl asked me “Why did I delete her off my BBM list?”, I replied: “Because we do not talk on there” then the heffalump answers back, “well add me again”. FUCK NO!!! We already saw the first outcome, odds are the second would more than likely be the same.

  5. If you’re not a convo starter, don’t bother.

    I’m not looking to have full-fledged convos on BBM. More often than not, you message someone to ask or find out something, even to see how they’re doing. Do not message me saying “hi”, and after I respond, say nothing. That will get you deleted.


    This should have been number two on the list. I find it very FUCKING RUDE to give someone else another’s PIN without prior consent. I don’t care who it is. Ask first!!! I know there are creepers out there that go through their friends phones and save people’s PIN… LAME!!!

I might add some more later, but that’s all I got to say for now. I’m gonna hit the gym.

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3 thoughts on “PIN Etiquette

  1. Leena G says:

    OMG TY I LOVE THIS POST! A few of my very close friends who shall remain nameless got straight deleted for giving out my pin to random friends of theirs! It got me so vexed that I just asked if they gave my pin to so and so and when they said yes, they got deleted with no other response!

    Please keep these posts coming!

  2. kontrov3rs33 says:

    Thanks Leena, will do!!!

  3. Mansa says:


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