Finally at Timmy’s…

Hello good citizens and low-life scum, as most of you know by now… Tim Horton’s is finally gonna accept debit cards for payment. Most of you are rejoicing screaming “Hallelujah” and “Finally”, personally, I think it is a horrible idea.

For starters, the acceptance of debit in Tim Horton’s will slow down the lineups inside and in the drive-thru for those who want to pay using the card. Especially in that type of environment, when people have cards that get compromised, spend time looking for their card, just for to make petty cash purchases. I can pretty much guarantee that it will take at least an additional six minutes in a drive-thru with five cars in front of me because of the setting up of the transaction and to wait for the customer to punch in the numbers, down to the printing of the receipt. That delay is an extra one minute and twenty seconds per customer. That six minutes can be the difference between me being at Jane & Highway 400 on-ramp and passing the Allen on the 401… BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

Secondly, giving customers (stupid people) more options will render them indecisive. Enough said. You have to wait on people to decide on what they want to order. Now we have to wait on which method of payment they want to use… BULLSHIT!!!

If systems do go down while assisting a patron who wants to use debit will hold up the line, most people will get complacent like myself and decide to leave cash in the car or at home. I know for a fact that I need to walk with cash or have my MasterCard ready when I go to Tim Horton’s. It’s already bad enough I have to wait on some fackin’ johnny to count up coins for their coffee.

I’m done with this for now… and for the record, if I ketch any mudda cunt get a “NSF” while I’m in the line at Timmy’s… you know what… juss don’t mek me find out, cuz I will call you out… HARD!!!


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