Say what???

I have to admit, I did not bear witness to this conversation on the bus, but then again… I don’t take the bus… I drive my sexy bitch Alana to work. Shoutout to my homegirl Jennifer who brought this to my attention and I thought it was hilarious. Me and my boys had a dispute (and a few laughs about this in our BBM group). Anyhow, I would like to get some feedback on the dialogue that transpired Tuesday night.

Girl: Baby, can we stop at Mickey D’s on the way home?
Boy: OK! Since I have the Metropass, I’ll jump off and grab your food and meet you at home, what do you want?
G: A cheeseburger with a sprite.
B: We’re going home, you don’t need a drink.
G: But it comes with the combo.
B: I’m not buying you fries, we have some in the freezer, go make them while you wait!

I would like some feedback on what y’all think. I have heard some interesting responses so far.

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