Serves Me Right

This past Tuesday, at 9am, I was getting ready to leave for work… checked the forecast and the Weather Network on my BlackBerry and computer… it showed 14 degrees Celsius. I’m thinking “GREAT!!!”, I can wear a light track jacket and everything should be gravy. I think it is safe to say how wrong I was. I got caught half-stepping on Mother Nature, who happens to be a miserable bitch on PMS when rent is due and she spent the money for that and the groceries at H&M.

I stepped out the workplace shortly after 6 in the evening, and that cold lick down on my chest like somebody dumped a keg of Vick’s VapoRub on my chest. That was the longest run to my car… EVER!!! I believe the temperature had dropped to 0 although I feel it was much lower than that. To think that I was on my way to school, my ass made a detour at home and took another 30 minutes to recover before I went back out.

Lesson learned… don’t sleep on Mother Nature… and have a winter coat on you or by your side… at all times. We are in Canada, not the Caribbean.

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