Thou shall not…

Every day you hear of women getting assaulted. It was not cool then, nor is it now. What I heard that happened the other day at York U, is another level of fuqqery. A male individual was on the stall and a next dude in the stall beside him reached under and grabbed him. Man touching man in the washroom??? I thought this shit only happens on HBO when you watch OZ??? There are too many damn freaks out there nowadays. I gotta make sure I use the handicapped washroom to urinate, just to make sure there’s no bumpluggers trying to take advantage of me with my back turned.

There’s an unwritten guy code, when you go to the washroom… you DO NOT touch a next man, no daps, no handshakes, no “high-fives”, no elbow rub, no NOTHING!!! Man don’t even talk (other than a simple “wha gwan”) much less touch. It’s obvious somebody tried to break the plane and get into another man’s “end zone”.

The sad reality is that these freaks out there are trying to touch anybody, anywhere and they must be stopped. I’m glad it wasn’t me they tried to touch because that’s death for them!!!

Since this is my first post for the new year, Happy New Year… and watch your back everybody!!!


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