I gotta eat too

This shit right here… does not surprise me. With camera phones and smartphones everywhere nowadays, people are able to instantaneously get footage of any type and post to the net at will. When it comes to eating in public… on public transportation, I’m on both sides of the spectrum with this, as I have been guilty of eating on the TTC. However, I don’t like watching people eat, nor do I like the smell of some foods, that’s my beef with the whole thing. However, if they chose to do so, I will not object. If you pay for your food, who am I to tell you where you can and cannot eat. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Move away if you have to… just don’t make the mistake this lady made by interrupting her meal.

For a fight to break out over spaghetti is downright absurd, but I am not surprised. In New York, especially on the MTA, anything is possible. LOL

What disturbs me is I can actually picture this happening on the TTC. Below is video footage of the fracas. What are your views about eating on public transportation???

P.S. This shit right here… is one of the reasons why I drive!!!

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6 thoughts on “I gotta eat too

  1. max says:

    I think eating on the TTC is disgusting and I judge people who do it. But at the same time I will do it occasionally….but only if I’m truly starving and only just enough to calm my stomach down. But I don’t eat anything that requires utensils or has an aroma.

    Once me and Studley were on the subway and we saw a chick eating a hard boiled egg. We were both so horrified and disgusted. I swear he came so close to cussing her….

  2. kontrov3rs33 says:

    An egg??? YUCK!!! What makes it more disgusting to me is that I’m allergic to eggs.

  3. Leena G says:

    That is some shit, but I don’t blame those young girls, what they are guilty of is not being able to control their anger. Trust me if it had been me 10 hell maybe even 5 years ago and some silly fat woman said to me “What kind of animals eat on the train” I probably would have shown her too just what kind of animal I was!

  4. Leena G says:

    Eww to the egg comment btw! I used to eat sometimes too when I was starving on the TTC but stuff like a sandwich or gyro or something like that! Oh and I won’t lie if i took the ttc home on last call from downtown after drinking I took a hotdog once or twice 😀

  5. Fattums says:

    The white lady was darn rude and out of order. I agree with you Ty when you said, ‘If you pay for your food, who am I to tell you where you can and cannot eat. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Move away if you have to…’

    If I’m hungry, I’ll eat wherever. Plain and simple.

  6. kontrov3rs33 says:

    That’s fine, but damn!!! A hard boiled egg is half-past disgusting.

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