My exodus from BlackBerry

Exodus might be considered a strong term to describe my departure from my trusty sidekick over the years, but it had to be used.

Since 2004, I’ve been using RIM’s sacred product. I started with the 7520, then went to the 7250, 8703, 8830, the Curve 8330, the Pearl 8130, the Storm 9530 & 9550. The phones had their share of problems, but nothing I couldn’t deal with. A lot of people swore BlackBerry phones suck and it gave pure problems. Some of which are faults of the phone and the manufacturer, RIM but most of which fell on the weasel user in my opinion.

As the years progressed, more manufacturers, namely Apple, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, etc. have stepped their game up while RIM have been taking their sweet ass time. I for one, am fed up of RIM and their fuckery and purchased the HTC Desire HD. This phone is one sexy bitch that can do any and everything better than a BlackBerry and an iPhone (yeah, I said iPhone).

I still love a BlackBerry but that does not mean I will be back. RIM needs to stop fucking around and step their game up. Realize that people want better and they should do better. Their success as a company depends on it.

To all my peeps still on the BlackBerry side of the tracks, happy trails. I may be back, I may not. One thing is for certain though, I am happy with this phone… at least for the next few months. LOL

By the way, before my departure last night, I did something I usually frown upon… I sent a broadcast message. I call it my “State of the Union Address”

Happy trails.


P.S. I did type this up on my HTC Desire HD!!!

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4 thoughts on “My exodus from BlackBerry

  1. max says:

    I’ve been a Blackberry owner since Jesus was a wee boy – the first one I had was this big clunky black joint with the trackwheel on the side – but I switched to iPhone last year. And I’m not saying the iPhone is better but I have learned that BB’s are not the be-all end-all they seem to be when you have one. And yes it is possible to live a fruitful life without BBM.

  2. kontrov3rs33 says:

    Agreed. This is day one without BBM… I do miss it, but now I only have twitter as a distraction.

  3. oronojr says:

    Android is the only way to go as far as I’m concerned. The only thing RIM has is BBM, but even that is loosing ground to apps like liveprofile and kik… as basic as they are, they generally do the main things BBM is popular for

  4. G_Russ says:

    Sorry to see you go Bro-ham, but change is good…

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