Where the fuck you going???

Last night, Rhonda and I were driving back from Caribbean Heat at Keele & Finch to go home and watch a movie. As I hit Tobermory (Jane & Finch according to white folks in the media), some jackass was jayrunning (yes, can’t be called jaywalking if she is running). If you’re going to run across on a red light is one thing, but to do while pushing groceries and a stroller and another child running along side you is half-past fuckery. Fair to say, that we were lucky to witness such stupidity in advance and slow down enough to give time for the jackass to go back and pick up her son who FELL, while frantically trying to keep pace with his dumb mother. What can she say to justify sprinting across on a red light. I want to get ready for a party tonight??? The kids are hungry??? FACK OFF!!!

I hope she is reading this article and realizing how much of a fucking idiot she is. The sad part is if her son got hit, she probably would blamed the driver, saying how drivers are ruthless. This stupid tramp should be setting an example for her kids, and that example should not be how to end up as dead raccoons and squirrels on a highway or interstate. Knowing me, if it was me who hit the child, I’d be going to jail for at least one murder cuz I will probably get off for hitting him, but I would kill his mother for being the idiot she is. For all you parents out there, remember… children have a knack for picking up your bad habits and pay attention to a lot of the foolishness you do, so think twice before acting.


One thought on “Where the fuck you going???

  1. max says:

    I swear to God I would call child services if I saw that. If that’s not reckless endangerment I don’t know what is.

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