More stupidity…

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As time continues on, the level of stupidity in some individuals rise like cake batter in a heated oven.

In a post I created a few months ago, I announced my departure from the BlackBerry society to the friendly confines of Android. Apparently since I made the move, some people stated “to have lost contact with me” and say shit like “since you left BBM, there’s no way to get a hold of you”. I feel to give some people a “This is Sparta” kick in their chest (ode to the homey Bonez), because people are acting half-past stupid right about now.

Some people feel without BBM, text messaging and phone calls do not exist. For them ones… I would like to say to “get some cot damn sense!!!”

If you can’t communicate with someone because they no longer have a BlackBerry to use BBM, then you are better off not saying a damn word and keeping your stupid thoughts to yourself!!! If I have offended you, GOOD!!!

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