Show discipline

For those of you who know me, I have been flirting with the gym. For the past three years, I would lose at least 20 pounds, and then when I go back in to hibernation mode, I would gain it back until March rolls around again. This time, I am going to stick to the script with the help of my friend Jason and will be taking you all along for the ride with me.

Right now, I believe I weigh about 230 pounds. Good thing for me is… I don’t really look 230, I hide it really well. Tonight, Jason and the rest of the “Get BIG Tour team” which includes his brother Greg, cousin Julian, and my friend Spud are gonna go “ape shit” on this program and you all will be updated with my progress. I might not lose as much weight as I want, which would be about 30 pounds, and that might be due to the amount of muscle that will be packed on. However, there will be a big change in appearance.

There are a few evils that I have to encounter, some will be slayed easily, some… not as easily.

Demon #1: Alcohol – Alcohol is going to be the Mephistopheles of my journey as we all know that I can drink. I do not drink often, but I can drink. All these empty calories must be minimized at all costs. That is all.

Demon #2: Fruit – I was never big on fruits, but have started to taking a liking to them more often. These contain too much natural sugars and will hamper one’s progress in the gym.

Demon #3: Dairy – This one I am not worried at all. I hate cottage cheese. I hate milk now and I have cut down considerably on my cheese intake. Dairy has too much unnecessary fats and empty calories.

Demon #4: Sauces – I love sauces, gravy, etc. I can’t eat meat without sauce man!!! Usually they are packed with sugar or a lot of sodium which is not good. If having salad dressing with your salad, stick to one that is vinegar-based as opposed to mayonnaise-based.

Demon #5: Greens… or a lack thereof – Although I am getting a lot more fibre into my system, I do need to get more beans, peas, broccoli and such in there.

Beating these demons should help me reach my goal. One without willpower is weak and cannot show discipline when confronted. We’ll see how I do, week one starts tonight.

P.S. I’m gonna stop by Mayor Bonez house afterwards and grab a salad. True say there is a lot left over after the BBQ last night.

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