What’s the fuss about???

I find society as a whole have become extremely sensitive and has an absolute love affair with taking a small issue and turning it into something extremely big. I suppose years of Oprah, Maury and Jerry Springer will do that to us.

Rob Ford’s decision to spend time with his family as opposed to attending the Pride Parade is being blown way out of proportion. Mayor Ford deciding that he will forgo the festivities makes him homophobic??? Seriously???

On one hand, Mayor Ford does represent the people of Toronto. At the same time, that does not mean he has to attend each and every event that is put on around the city. I’m sure the organizers of the festival formerly known as Caribana or the organizers of Afrofest are losing any sleep over this because I’m sure as hell Mayor Ford is not attending either of those.

At the same time, although he is the Mayor of Toronto, he does have a family and a personal life and people need to learn to respect that. If he does not want to go or had already made plans, that is HIS BUSINESS!!!

Forest fires shouldn’t be started by rubbing two twigs together. It never came to that before and people shouldn’t be doing it now.

On a side note, I’m sure the same people are complaining are the same ones that voted for Smitherman. LOL


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