I don’t give a shit that the Toronto Carnival was 11 days ago, this is something that needs to be addressed. People need to realize that they are not Clarke Kent and should not be getting “Hurt”, drinking alcohol like there is no tomorrow. I understand it is “Carnival” and you want to drink. I have no problem with that. Where the problem lies is in the fact that you have no balance for your alcoholic intake and/or you have extremely low tolerance.

Just a few things to consider, you’re in a crowded area surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people that is INACCESSIBLE to traffic, hold that. Now factor in the heat… hold that. Now factor the lack of food you have eaten all day and possibly the lack of water… now look at your condition.

A lot of paramedics had to fight their way through the crowd to give attention to drunkards. With that being said, apparently the paramedics tent looked like the set of M.A.S.H. with all the people suffering from alcohol poisoning and all the other side effects that come with it.

I’m not trying to stop people from drinking and having fun, but know your limit and stay within it. Cuz a lot of all yuh does play Clark Kent/Superman and end up like Christopher Reeve.


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