Load Up the Bandwagon…

When it comes to football, I believe in one word… “loyalty”. You find a team, you stick with that team through thick and thin.

The opposite of loyal fan, is a bandwagon jumper. Apparently, there’s a bandwagon loading up in front of Lincoln Financial Field for all these so called “Eagles fans”. The question I would like to pose to all yuh is… “Fan since when???”

This seems all too familiar with the moves made by the Miami Heat last season in the NBA, a lot of people are still wiping the cum off their lips from deep-throating Miami. It is similar to the Heat, but not the same as football is much more a team game then basketball. In the sense you have 11 men on the field as opposed to five and there is a lot more strategy involved.

Loyalty has gone down the drain along with a lot of other things… like monogamy for some, but that’s another story for another day. People nowadays are quick to jump on the sack of the “hot” or the “in” team and it makes me sick.

Bottom line is this, if you’re an Eagle fan, and I know who you are… we will settle our beef when we play each other. For all you lining up to suck Vick’s scrotum because management made a few shrewd free agent moves, when you see me on the street, just past straight because I WILL tell you about your parts and your future offspring afterwards.

P.S. All those fake Steelers fans from last year shouting “Black & Yellow” know exactly what the fack I talkin’ ’bout!!!

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