Mid-life Crisis???

Most peeps who view this blog, know me personally. They also know that I turned 30 exactly two weeks ago. I honestly believe that hearing people talk about turning 30 as some “mid-life crisis” was utter rubbish and that they need to get a grip on reality. However, after hitting the “dirty thirty” myself, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am having a “mid-life crisis”, but I have been doing a bit of reflecting on things or you can say a “self-evaluation”. It makes me think about what I have accomplished thus far, and what I still aspire to do. Don’t worry folks, it’s not like I have been contemplating suicide or anything, LOL… but yeah… just a moment of clarity to help put shit in perspective and realize I can’t do some of the coonery I have been doing in the past. I will not comment on the coonery I speak of, we will just leave it at that.

As much as some people like to believe that “30 is the new 20”, you are STILL 30… not saying it in a pessimistic light, but in a realistic one. Time to act accordingly.

P.S. I would like to say thanks to all those who have messaged, tweeted and called to say Happy Birthday. That is all.

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