Hand down, Man down!!!

I noticed there’s a lot of people out there questioning the tactics of the junior Floyd Mayweather. I also noticed that the majority (notice how I didn’t say all but includes all Filipino and Spanish folks), feel that Mayweather is a “cheap shot artist”, and he’s a “dirty boxer”.

Most of the clowns out there obviously do not pay attention to the referee in boxing. One of the first sentences uttered out of the mouth of the ref before the fight is “Protect yourself at all times.” Tell me, how many times is Victor Ortiz going to apologize to Floyd for his blatant E. Honda “Street Fighter style” headbutt??? After Ortiz weaseled in his headbutt, he managed to take the time give Floyd a hug and a kiss on the cheek. After the fight was restarted and Ortiz went to touch gloves, did you notice that Floyd never dropped his guard??? Why??? Because you protect yourself AT ALL TIMES!!! This is not grade three where you’re losing a fight to a next kid and you bawl “TIME OUT” in the middle of the fight. You’re in a boxing ring, the bell went, you just gave your opponent a cheap shot with your head. Yes, it was a cheap shot, because it is ILLEGAL to headbutt!!! Floyd gave Ortiz exactly what he had coming. Hand down, man down!!!

P.S. If you have to question yourself on whether it was a “cheap shot” or not, it is not.

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One thought on “Hand down, Man down!!!

  1. Meh.. Either way Ortiz was gonna lose. He got what he deserved, which was to get knocked the hell out, but all the same if Floyd Mayweather is ready to box and stop the chit-chat, huggy-kissy make up ritual for Ortiz trying to drill the top of his skull though Mayweather’s jaw, all he has to do is give him a body shot or maybe a jab. It’s the fact that he went for the knockout that has people upset. In the end, the result would’ve been the same so people need to stop crying about it.

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