Hoodwinked, Part II

As well all know, at least those who have been paying attention to the NFL. Mike Brown softened his stance as he met a trade he could not refused. Oakland was willing to give up their 2012 first round pick for Carson Palmer as well as a conditional second round pick for 2013 which could become a first-rounder pending Palmer’s play. Two number ones for a player who hasn’t played well in three years, regardless of what system he is going into is a hoodwink.

I have only encountered stupidity twice like this before. The one that did not end up backfiring was the 1999 draft when Mike Ditka traded all of his picks in the draft as well as the first and third rounder from the 2000 draft for Ricky Williams. However, the number one hood job goes to the 1990 Dallas Cowboys for what is known as “The Great Train Robbery”, when Dallas gave Minnesota Herschel Walker, two 3’s (’90 & ’91), a fifth and tenth rounder in exchange for five players, 3 1’s, 3 2’s, a 3 and a 6. Some of those picks were traded to move up or down and some of the players that were picked include Russell Maryland, Emmitt Smith, Alvin Harper, Dixon Edwards and Darren Woodson.

Looking at the math, it’s easy to see how Dallas fast-tracked to those three Superbowls in the ’90’s. When compared to the Palmer trade, it doesn’t compare. But think about Palmer’s recent play in Cincinnati and ask yourself if he’s worth a 1 and a 2. Common sense should prevail. Mike Brown knows this, even though he stuck to his morals through and through, “Everybody has a price”, as per Ted DiBiase. Al Davis would approve and is probably smirking as we read.

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