The title of this note is pretty self-explanatory. I am really concerned with the fascination of Dettol amongst the West Indian masses, especially the older heads. I’m not saying that Dettol does not work wonders, but let’s be real here… the way parents, grandparents, and other relatives preach about Dettol, one would be lead to believe that Dettol can cure AIDS or something. Every friggin’ time something happens, “JUNIOR… GRAB THE DETTOL” or “DESLYN… WHERE DE BLASTED DETTOL DEH???”. I’m sure there are other products that have been made that can be as effective or even better.

I remember has a young’n, I would fall and get a nasty cut on my leg, you know which antiseptic got pulled out… that’s right… DETTOL!!! I remember when my neighbour was cleaning her walls, yuh know wha she brek out??? YOU GUESSED IT, DETTOL!!! One man (no names mentioned), said he caught a party pack, and he wanted to get rid of it, you know what he brek out??? OH YES, THE ALL-GLORIOUS DETTOL. Don’t get me wrong, Dettol had worked wonders for me with my cuts and is a wonderful antiseptic/floor cleaner/whatever the fuck you wanna use it for, BUT… it should not be used for any and everything.

I would like to thank the makers of “Dettol” for making such a wonderful product, but at the same time, please let people know that Dettol is not a cure for “crabloose” or “world hunger” or as a substitute for dishwashing liquid.

Old School


5 thoughts on “Dettol

  1. Makkey says:

    ha ha hilarious! I was just talking to my hubby this morning about soaking my sons funky sneakers in “dett-oil” before I throw them in the washing machine!

    Thanks T for this note!

    A good morning laugh


  2. JoJo says:

    LMAO! Only you Tyrone….

  3. emti says:

    my cousin’s grandmother (may she rest in peace) bathed..yes BATHED all her grandchildren in Dettol

  4. mscamy says:


    Okay so first: Ure really concerned…are you?? LOL! & did you have to say “Deslyn…” doh?? LOL!
    U kill me…I had to ask this Trini lady @ work if she uses Dettol, and she said she puts a cap full of it in the bath water for her kids, and cleans the floors with it as well. I then had to ask her, how u bathing AND cleaning floors with the same product???

    Meh hear yuh sir! Good laugh!

  5. kontrov3rs33 says:

    @Makesha Thanks, LOL.
    @Jojo You know how it is already
    @Mansa You know it’s this serious, LOL
    @Camy Deslyn is the name of a girl I went to school with, so you know its real. LOL Glad I can make you laugh. 🙂

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