NFL Week 7 Round-up

Let’s take a look at Week 7 in the NFL. I must say, this was definitely one of the more boring weeks of action.

1) The Bucs without LeGarrette Blount struggled although, I feel he wouldn’t have made that much of a difference against the Bears defense. The team rushed for 30 yards on 11 carries and Josh Freeman threw four picks. That recipe would never lead to a “W”, what’s shocking is that they only lost by six. What does that tell you about the Bears offense???

2) The Redskins are who I thought they were, a bunch of overachievers. Cam Newton basically tap danced his way around the Washington defenders en route to a 33-20 victory. The defeat gave the Giants a lead in the NFC East without having to leave their couch. Good job guys.

3) Seems like the Lions are coming off that high and are beginning to act like a bunch of thugs and lost a very winnable game they should’ve taken from the Falcons. Rumour has it that Avril and Suh were poking fun at Matt Ryan’s injury, when they have their own QB to worry about. Stafford was injured on the final failed fourth down attempt.

4) I was not sure if I was watching the Mariners at the Indians, because the Seahawks lost to the Browns, 6-3. By no means, should a football game end like that. EVER.

5) In one of the more exciting games of the day, the New York Jets came back to defeat the Chargers 27-21 in the fourth quarter. I think they chemistry questions about Sanchez & Burress should be put to rest with the three TD game today. Sanchez is not as bad as people make him out to be. Phillip Rivers running the two-minute drill should be questioned. There was no urgency, no decisiveness, no leadership. Since people want to hang Romo by his nuts all year, I would like to know what Rivers has done thus far.

6) Tennessee had the Texans ripe for the taking and forgot to show up to their own field for the game. Matt Schaub had a good game, Arian Foster had a great game, running and receiving for over 100 yards. Houston should lock up the AFC South. Speaking of the Titans not showing up, has anybody seen Chris Johnson this season??? He was last seen wearing a balaclava when he signed that new deal.

7) The Dolphins franchise should fold for setting new lows. Tim Tebow Day in Miami??? He plays for the opposition!!! Then to have him come back and lead the Broncos to a victory over the Dolphins… in Miami. Shame on them. Not sold on Tebow’s game one bit, but he wins. Winning is what matters. I see Sparano’s time in Miami winding down.

8) The Steelers beat the Cardinals in a closer than expected game. R.I.P. Cardinals.

9) I don’t know what was more silly of me, thinking that the Raiders would win or thinking that Boller would have a decent game??? This game ruined my ticket. Carson Palmer didn’t fare much better… scooping him for my fantasy team was not the greatest of ideas. Mike Brown is probably cackling while rolling a blunt right now.

10) Donovan McNabb’s career is pretty much done with the Christian Ponder era beginning sooner than we anticipated. Ponder did have the Vikings in contention up until late but let’s keep it real, Aaron Rodgers is a surgeon on that field. YUCK!

11) For once, the Cowboys decided not to have their fans blood pressure raise collectively and ran away with the game… literally. R.I.P. Rams

12) Who Dat?!?!?! Who Dat say dey gon’ beat dem Saints?!?!?! It definitely wasn’t the Colts who took it in every hole from every angle. 62 points??? YUCK!!!

In tonight’s game, I have the Ravens beating down the Jaguars 34-10.


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