The “LOL” Theory…

I want y’all to think about this. Social media has revolutionized communicating, but also made communicating a lot less personal in the sense that when you communicate to another individual without hearing a voice, it is harder to get a read on what the person means to an extent.

That being said… a week ago, me and few friends were out for a gathering when a topic was brought up by a good friend. What M said is very true when you think about it. You can write pretty much anything to anyone and put “LOL” at the end of your sentence and they would take it as a joke. To prove his point, he typed “HYMK” (my West Indians know what that means, especially the Trinis & Grenadians) to a random individual on his BBM and put “LOL” at the end of the sentence. Dude got a response from the person laughing. Needless to say, if you question the theory, put it to the test. Of course, it would have to be with someone who understands what “LOL” means.

The funny thing about this proven theory is not only that it is true but… not everyone that puts LOL at the end of the statement meant to send the statement as a joke. Something to keep in mind for the future.



2 thoughts on “The “LOL” Theory…

  1. emti says:

    hahaha you count muscle LOL

  2. emti says:

    oops i meant cunt muscle LOLOLOL

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