Don’t I Pay Enough???

For those of you who know, I drive across town everyday to get to work. I fill my gas tank once a week, usually. Alana, my car, has a pretty big tank for a four-cylinder engine. Last week, I paid a bit over $83.00 to fill this tank. I go inside, to pay for the gas. The absolute last thing I want is some motherfucker trying to upsell me on two chocolate bars or some gum. Look here, why don’t you ask your boss if I don’t already spend enough to be upselling me even more. This some ol’ bullshit. I already feel violated having to spend this much on regular gas… yeah, we’re not even talking 91 octane folks. Regular. Good ol’ regular gas. They want me to buy chocolate bars on top of it. How about I take the chocolate bars and give you a tip for your boss… “lower the price on gas and maybe, you’ll sell more chocolate.”

Just a thought. If I end up getting my German Princess (Audi) soon enough, my wallet is gonna be drilled even further. I think I may get a Kia instead. o_O

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