NBA All-Star Saturday is a Waste

I remember growing even to about seven or eight years ago, I always wanted to make sure I was home to watch NBA All-Star Saturday. The three-point contest… could be interesting, but everybody wanted to see the Slam Dunk competition.

After watching the first couple of events of this debacle, I’m on the bandwagon. The bandwagon that says this shit has to go! The Shooting Stars competition sucked, minus the fact that Allan Houston still can shoot the lights out.

The skills challenge was absolutely atrocious. Kyrie Irving should have left Orlando after the Rising Stars game. If you’re gonna half-ass it through the course, why even bother?

The three-point shootout was another joke, which at this point, I was already somewhere on the 401. As for the dunk competition… yeah, you get the picture. The Saturday night cannot thrive in this format any longer and interest needs to be rejuvenated somehow.

David Stern, his goons and the players ought to be embarrassed by this lackluster display, considering the fact they’re putting on non-lubricated condoms and are fucking the fans with these high prices just to see them come out and put on such a piece of shit.

The league knows better and should do better or just get rid of the event altogether. But we know that’s not going to happen as long as people still pay to see this fuckery.


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