For What It’s Worth…

For those who don’t know, unofficially, the Washington Redskins have acquired the number two pick in next month’s NFL Draft. In exchange, the Redskins gave the St. Louis Rams the sixth selection of the first round, a second round pick for the draft as well as first round selections for the drafts in 2013 and 2014. The trade will not be made official until the start of the league year, this Tuesday.

I know we view Robert Griffin III as a “can’t miss” prospect and should be very good, if not phenomenal. Very good quarterbacks are hard to come by and if he can ball, the team is set for the next ten to twelve years. Let’s be real here though, the Redskins are known for fucking up and it all starts with their owner, Daniel Snyder. You’re giving away four premium picks just to move up four spots in the draft??? I know a franchise quarterback is hard to come by, but he can’t do it all by himself, with no supporting cast. At least, no premium supporting cast.

They better hope this kid can step in right away and turn water into wine because if he falters, there’s only one head to call for, and that is the one Snyder’s neck!!!

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2 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth…

  1. lamontethomas says:

    I’ve been making this call the whole time!! Not only is this the best thing for the redskins, but the best for RGIII. He has been waiting to answer the call of his life, and DC is on the line. Here is a franchise stepping out for him relaying they know he is worth more than the average QB, not to mention they have not had someone as skilled at the position for years. As someone who just relocated to the area (but furthest from a skins fan), I have not seen them make such a move on a young talent, maybe ever. I feel as if they have finally went in the direction they have needed, and even if he is not immediately successful, the skins may have given 3 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick for two very distinct words ..FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK…definitely worth it

  2. kontrov3rs33 says:

    I personally hate the ‘Skins, and don’t want them to do well. However, I am curious to see how the kid pans out. This making me revisit when McNabb came out of Syracuse and he went to Philly. I’m a Dallas fan and wanted McNabb to do well… just not against my Cowboys. We’ll see how it goes. The move was needed and should provide the dopes in the area with optimism.

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